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Your Flutter template to quick-start your app. Let me handle the basics for you and you concentrate on the rest. Based on Riverpod.

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const launch_time = "Today";

Stop doing theboring stuffand focus on what matters

Authentication, state-managment, localizations, RevenueCat integration, onboarding, navigation, themes, firebase set up and more. All in one place.

So you can work on the important features of the app.

App setupAuthenticationIn app purchasesBackendPush

App setup

  • Riverpod setup
  • Navigation with auto_route
  • Local storage with Hive
  • Dark/Light Theme
  • Internationalization setup
  • Time saved: 12 hours

Here is what you get


Save valuable time and money!


Perfect for small projects




  • Riverpod as state-management
  • Firebase Integration
  • Fastlane CI/CD scripts
  • Onboarding, Navigation, Local database, Dark mode and more
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  • Access to the Github Repo
  • Riverpod as state-management
  • Lifetime updates
  • Firebase Integration
  • Access to the Discord community
  • Fastlane CI/CD scripts
  • Onboarding, Navigation, Local database, RevenueCat, Dark mode and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A Flutter boilerplate that handles: navigation, onboarding, state-management, settings, push notifications, payments through RevenueCat and more. It will constantly be updated. As well as access to a discord server where I will help with any questions regarding app development
  • You absolutely can if you have the time and resources. There is no magic involved. Just a solid starter template that will let you focus on the important stuff of your app. This template will help you save time.
  • This is not a no-code builder. You have to have some basic Flutter knowledge.
  • Flutter supports Android, iOS, web, Mac, Linux and Windows. This template is focused on Android and iOS, but you can add the support of the other platforms very easily.

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